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Product Modeling as a Business Discipline

ImageIntegrity is a software development and professional services organization with headquarters near Heidelberg, in Germany.

Its general area of focus is on the application of inference engines for the solving of product presentation and specification problems during sales.

Integrity's specialty, however, is on the use of product configuration technology within SAP-

Its expertise within this area is simply unsurpassed.

Integrity has experience with all versions of the SAP configurator including the VC Classical and Advanced Mode, the IPC, the Sales Pricing Engine [SPE], Sales Configuration Engine [SCE],  and have assisted SAP to develop some of these products. 

Its consultants provide unmatched experience for telecommunication, automotive, high-tech, office furniture and industrial companies offering complex products.

We offer expertise for a variety of professional consulting services for SAP VC and IPC customers including:

  • Design,
  • Planning,
  • Model creation and maintenance,
  • Implementation services,
  • Advanced Mode expertise,
  • Modeling training.  

We have helped many global customers based in Europe and North America.

Integrity's people have experience that few other consulting organizations can duplicate.   Over the last ten plus years, some our professionals have implemented the SAP VC and IPC for some of the world's largest companies with some of the most complex of products. 

Using this real live customer project experience, learned expertise and our close ties to the SAP product development team, Integrity's founders thought that it could be easier for a "knowledge worker" to create and maintain a product's master data, relationships, options, pricing, business rules, Bills of Material, external tables, etc. if the programming-like language wasn't required and the SAP configurator language was created automatically from visual objects. The concept of Integral was born in 1999 to mitigate this problem.

Today, many of the daily creation and maintenance tasks are orchestrated and managed by people in a company's Information Technology [IT] organization.  That is because of the "near programming" syntax required to build business logic for the SAP configurator.   The SAP configurator is a very robust tool and requires a talent and skill to create. maintain and manage it  that is possessed by few people.  Many of these people are IT employees, hence the responsibility if often placed there.   Not necessarily in the hands of product experts.

Integrity believes that Product Modeling should be a part of the entire Product Lifecycle Management process and not restricted or relegated to providing information after the fact to IT for inclusion in the company's website or product offering.  That isn't fair to the IT person or to the company that is trying to create a reliable, easy-to-use web solution for their customers or distributors or a solution to help sales people define and price quotations or orders.

Many times IT has many other priorities and if a new product is announced or the product lifecycle is short, the company's product offering may suffer with out-of-date information.  Or worse, not offered at all or an alternative [not SAP] configurator application is created using duplicate information that is already available in R/3.  To often, SAP is not used because of the perception  that it is too difficult to maintain. 

Integral  to the rescue.

You see a diagram developed by Integrity's latest version of Integral.  This is a graphical representation of a SAP Product Model. 

It certainly doesn't look like a traditional SAP Product Model does it?

The modeling effort is not the same either.  There is no longer a need to understand and use a programming-like language. 

Yes, you still have to understand what the SAP configurator does and how to use it, but, you don't have to know programming-like syntax anymore or have to find multiple screens to update information needed to describe a product.

This graphic and very visual product model above illustrates and documents product logic, characteristics or options, tables, constraints, and all the other SAP configurator instructions.   

All are shown as objects or with intelligent shapes.  Your knowledge worker now can represent a product with an understanding of the SAP configurator logic, but no longer has to "program" using the specific syntax required by the SAP configurators.  Integral  will create the SAP logic for you.

Again, What is Integral?

  • It is a tool that can download the SAP knowledgebase and work on the model using graphic objects.

  • It presents a graphical documentation of images and shapes that represent what logic is used.   

It is a tool that can be used by multiple people in the Product Development Lifecycle. 

  • It can create and maintain the SAP configurator logic for you


Please explore our website from the menu items on the left side of the screen for specific details of each product and our customer consulting experiences.  

We also welcome your comments.


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